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The Habit Store is Castlebar’s first minimal waste store helping you to reduce your single-use plastic consumption. The concept is that customers bring their own containers to refill from the range of products we sell. You can use anything from honey jars, water bottles, takeaway containers or used washing up bottles. There will also be an option to use paper bags or take containers from our 'free to a good home' basket.

We make every effort to source the most ethical products only using suppliers who follow our own ethos.

You can refill from any of our items yourself,

or feel free to drop your list and containers to us and pick them up later.




The Habit Store started off as the No Plastic Thanks market, and now we are all grown up with a roof and walls.

After reading in a local newspaper that Mayo households generate a combined 7,900 tonnes of single-use plastic packaging waste annually, enough single-use plastic waste to fill 175 Olympic-size swimming pools, we decided we wanted to be part of the solution to reduce single use plastics in our town.

Our refill store in Castlebar is where customers can buy food, household products and toiletries by weight. All products are dispensed into containers that you bring from home. Shopping this way means you only buy what you need so you save money, don't waste food, don't circulate more plastic into our community and support a local business.


We believe that people are ready to shop a little differently and if we all just make small changes it will make a huge difference to the amount of plastic affecting our environment.

We understand that this is a new way of shopping for most people, so we encourage you to pop in for a chat and we can help you to form a new habit.

Rosie & Alex



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